Everything You Need to Know About June’s Google Core Algorithm Update!!!

  • As Heraclitus says – The only constant in life changes. Like life, technologies and algorithms too need changes in them to be better for their users every time. A big believer of this, Google too changes its algorithms and processes now and then for a better and faster user experience. Google plays its responsibility with pride to modify their processing’s and make their viewers and user’s life easy and fast-moving. So, here’s welcoming June’s Google Core Algorithm update that has recently picked up a lot of news site headlines and coverage’s.

    What exactly you need to know about it, Will it affect the current search engine listing ways, and how? Don’t worry you are gonna find all of this here –

    The current updates of Google are targeting to improve user experience by monitoring and improving loading speed, responsiveness, and stability. So, with this update, Google is surely portraying it wide in the open that they want their users to feel prioritized.

    Understanding the New Google Core Algorithm update, you must be well-off with core web vitals. Google Core Vitals are page interface redesign which has a new collection of user-experience-based ranking signals that will go live in June 2021. Google core Web Vitals is like a tracker on what is the average speed of the page and gives them performance scores which at last affect the rankings in search results. So, if your page is ranking on the 1st page of Google search results, then your performance score was better than other pages that’s why Google decided to rank you at number 1 page.

    Will it affect the current SEO strategy and what will Core Web Vitals of New update do to sites?

    Well, to answer that question, Yes it will have a major impact on sites and it’s the SEO strategy. Now, with the new Core Web Vitals scores of the sites will be given with a lightweight ranking metric which means now SEO managers have an opportunity to customize the website for successful ranking on Google. With this upgrade, Google will also provide a badge to sites that will pass this evaluation, giving users signals that this site has all the information they need. So, to create a content that sells and at last helps in ranking of the website you must do the following –

    ● Go through your written content of the site in detail, especially the introductory paragraphs, content on the homepage, blog posts and remove all the wanted information from your site.

    ● Just make sure that your content is To-the-point, because beating around the bush will surely indicate Google on extra or useless content.

    ● Decrease the word count and increase visuals so that people visit your website and spend more time on it.

    ● If you focus on giving users what they are looking for quickly, then your page would rank better in the ranking.

    Will this update impact the Site conversations and hence the business of E-commerce sites?

    It is always said that if you want to rank in the first pages of Google, you must correct your site in a way that its responsiveness is amazing. The page takes less time to open up and gives all the information that a user is looking for. Longer page load times have just proven to be the major cause of bounce rates, and the more the bounce rate, the more the ranking of Google decreases in number. In this new Google Core Algorithm, Google will give badges to sites portraying the best sites to visit for a user. Now, that’s a positive upgrade for all users worldwide.

    According to team Google –

    They believe that providing information about the site and the quality of content uploaded on it will be very helpful for users in taking an informed decision in choosing the particular search result. It will be right there on the page, to make their choice crystal clear about the content they should read and the content they shouldn’t look at. It also makes the site developers responsible for creating content that is of high quality. The New June update will also provide a snippet or a small image preview which will help the users to know that this page has the following information at the time being. So, it will actually save time. Visual indicators on the site are a great way to tell the users if the page checks on all the experience criteria or not.

    How to Measure your site’s Core Web Vitals

    Google Page Speed –

    Use Google page speed Insights Tool to have a detailed assessment of your Core Web Vitals and if your site passes through it successfully then you can start your search engine optimization activities right away. It is very important to check this as then only you know, that whatever activities you are doing or you want to do, will it match the response rate google is looking for.

    Lighthouse Report –

    Google Lighthouse is surely a blessing for all digital marketers as it shows the correct insights of your page in minutes. To measure your site score on Google lighthouse, you must follow the below-listed steps –

    ● Open Google lighthouse on chrome browser, right-click on the window.

    ● Click on the inspector and then click on Lighthouse.

    ● Generate the report and choose the performance score on the window that pops up on the right.

    ● Overall page experience and Core vital report can be understood on the Experience option where you can find the percentage of your store’s URL.

    Google Search Console page experience report –

    This report is believed to be the most trustable one as it shows the data from the lab. There are no filters and it is mostly numerical so it is easy to understand and analyze. Google search console page experience report also lets you know your flaws and helps you to improve your site for better site engagement and performance. Now, what can be more influential than this?

    June’s Google Core Algorithm in short is bridging in lots of new opportunities to scale up your skills and your page. It is the right time for Digital marketers to understand this update and upgrade their sites for better performance and hence better ranking. We hope that you liked this blog and it has helped your understanding of the Google Core Algorithm.

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